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About the Artist


I was born and educated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child, I lived near The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and visited it on a regular basis. I was submerged into an artistic environment  - my mother was a gifted photographer, artist, and author, and my brother is a talented abstract painter. It was my brother who peaked

my interest in the arts by giving me my first canvas and set of paints when I was 12 years old. My attraction to

art was a natural and irresistible passion.


I realized early my aspiration to become an artist and my need for professional training. This desire led me to culminate at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Since that time, I have continued to supplement my knowledge in various fine art studies.


In my early years as an artist, my interest was to explore figurative work. I focused on the beauty of the human form in different settings. The idea that my artwork could be used as a tool to illustrate the differences and similarities of the human condition was very satisfying.


My inspiration came from things that affected me emotionally...not necessarily something awe-inspiring, but perhaps something as simple as a what a chair or teapot might look like as the afternoon sun hits it in a certain way.


The contrasts of light and shadows have always been a fascination for me. The works of Rembrandt and Robert Mapplethorpe have been quite influential to me because of their deep understanding of the chiaroscuro’

 (the interplay of light and darks in a pictorial work of art).


 In my own painting history, I focused on using oils on canvas for many years, and then I “moved on” to paint on wood and metal panel surfaces. Currently, I am concentrating on a new favorite - painting with colored papers (collage). My new works are expressed in both abstract and figurative styles. It took two years of research to lay the foundation for this new body of work.


Whether I am investigating collage chronicles, experimental drawings, or painting methods, my journey will continue to be a never-ending source of artistic enrichment.



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