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About My Collage Work


I have been an oil painter for over 20 years, depicting images that everyone can recognize and relate to.  Today, I am on a new journey of artistic discovery - using paper as a medium (a collage technique) in place of paint. This leap into unfamiliar territory was a huge step for me, moving from the comfort of realism to abstract designs.  For so many years, my subject matter was before me to use as reference, now the only resource I use is my imagination.


 I have chosen paper as the main vehicle of choice to express my new ideas simply from creative probing. I assemble papers to develop new colors, designs, shapes and sizes into something that pleases my eye.



Not too long ago, I rigidly operated in a linear method of creativity, to transform ideas. Today I induce visual queues for myself from exploring the relationships of color as structures versus organic forms. This kind of probing is what inspires me to a new level of innovative thinking. In my current work, I use these visual concepts in my applications of colors and pronounced textures to achieve my latest art series.  I hope that you enjoy this series as much as I did creating it.







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